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44% Peroxide Teeth Whitening Tooth

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10(T)5ml Dental Teeth BLEACHING Whitening 35% Gel SYRINGES

 Suitable for dental clinic and beauty salon

* Whiten your teeth for 7-10 shades within 30 minutes!!!


* High quality, good whiten effective

* Syringe tips can help push gel more accurately and save gel

* 0.1% Hydrogen Peroxide Whitening Gel, Mint Flavor


* Capacity: 10ml, enough for 20 applications

* Suitable for dental clinic and beauty salon


1.Squeeze some whitening gel on the mouth tray

2.Smile wide, keeping lips away from teeth

3.bite it

4.Relax lips after 30 seconds.

5.Do not eat or drink for 15 minutes.

6.Use daily.

Suit for: 

1.Extrinsic tooth discoloration(affected by coffee,tobacco,sauce,tea,food,etc)

2.Intrinsic tooth discoloration(e.g.mild fluorosis or tetracycline staining)

3.Genetically yellow teeth

4.Other cause of teeth discoloration

5.all the people who want a whiter & brighter smile


1. For cosmetic use only. 

2. This Products Is Not Recommend for Pregnent Women And Children Under 12 years Old

3. Do Not Use The Gel In Case Of Mouth Ulcers, Gum Injury Or After Oral Operations

4. Avoid Contact With The Eyes, If Contact Occurs Rinse With Water Immediately

5. Do Not Swallow The Gel

6. Temporary tooth sensitivity may occur but discontinue use upon sustained discomfort or irritation.

7.Always get professional advise from your dentist

8.Stay away from children. 

Kindly Reminder

* If you want to buy more than 1000 pieces tooth whitening gel,please contact with us , you will get the wholesale's price.

* Please kindly to supply your valid phone number after you bid it.It is very important and convenient for successful delivery.


Please consult with a dentist before buying our products. If you  experience any issues, contact your dentist and discontinue

from using the product. Our product is  designed to be used on healthy teeth and gums only. Our whitening gel is  designed to

be used for teeth whitening only. Do  not use whitening gel if you are pregnant, nursing, have health issues,  teeth decay, open

mouth sores, periodontal disease, or if  you wear braces. Our whitening gel will not whiten crowns, veneers, or  any other artificial

dental work. A small percent of people  will experience gum irritation or tooth sensitivity during whitening. If  this happens, please

refrain from using whitening gel and  consult with a dental professional. Sporting Smiles LLC assumes no  responsibility for any

usage of this product.

Package: 10 Whitening Gels